A rich education must extend beyond the basic academic subjects and at NIS we are committed to allowing all our students the opportunity to explore and develop their visual and performing arts capabilities. The school's wide-ranging co-curricular programme offers activities of interest to all students in the school. Students are encouraged to participate fully in the athletic, artistic, social and cultural life of the school. Participation in the school's co-curricular programme will enable students to build social and collaborative skills as well as develop their talents and interests.

Fine And Visual Arts
We will have specialist Art Teachers in the Primary Wing and a dedicated Art Department in the Secondary Wing with highly qualified staff who challenge and nurture the students in their classes. Students will develop their skills in art and craft, through the use of different drawing and painting techniques such as water colour, pastel, etc. and different crafts like collage, clay, and model making. They will study art appreciation, art history and the works and styles of renowned artists. All students have the opportunity to showcase their artwork at some time throughout the calendar year. In addition to these formal events, art is also displayed in a number of other places around the campus, throughout the year.

Performing Arts

NIS offers all students the opportunity to perform - during assemblies and events in the Primary as well as Secondary Wing. Students in the Primary Wing will participate in a number of performances throughout the year. These offer the children a chance to not only experience the excitement of performing on stage and working as a team but also enhance their creativity. There are a large number of extracurricular dramatics opportunities for students all through the year as we have joined hands with Junoon. Through the Arts at Play-Schools programme, Junoon seeks to enrich young lives with continuous and meaningful engagements with the arts.

NIS offers students of all ages a number of opportunities to both learn and perform different dance forms.
In primary grades, there are a number of opportunities to learn various styles of Indian and western dance forms, such as Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Ballet, Salsa etc. The students would also be given numerous opportunities to display their talent during various in-house as well as inter-school events.
In secondary classes, the students will be given the opportunity to take part in a student-produced dance performance. Secondary students would also get chance to participate in various events organized by different international schools all through the year.

Music is a key part of the curriculum and there are numerous opportunities for involvement outside of timetabled lessons. Students will be trained to sing and encouraged to learn any one of these instruments like Keyboard, Harmonium, Guitar, Tabla, Violin, and Drums.
Students will be given an opportunity to perform in choir groups, bands, and in other musical productions, at school as well as outside. High school students will get an opportunity to produce a musical at the end of Grade IX and XI.

Sensitizing children to the various risks of modern times, special guidance workshops regarding personal safety and other relevant issues will be conducted by experienced and technically competent staff.

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