Nahar International School is an eight-storey structure with two basements and a ground floor. The building is ~ 8728 sq. mtrs. (94,000 sq. ft.) with an auditorium of ~ 604 sq. mtrs. (6500 sq. ft.) with an impressive glass facade.

Every classroom is designed to be airy, spacious and inviting, bathed in soft, warm colours to create a comfortable, conducive environment for learning. They are also equipped with smart-boards and electronic methods of knowledge dissemination.

The school has complete infrastructure including modern workshops, German-design science labs, iMac computer studios, a vast digitized library, spacious conference rooms and a large turf-base playground.


The school places great importance on the health and safety of students. Suitably qualified nursing staff keeps the medical centre open throughout the school day, while the school doctor is available two days in a week and for any emergency. In its modern and child-friendly setting, the medical centre maintains high standards of hygiene and a well-documented system of students' health records. The medical staff arranges for routine medical treatment as well as health promotion activities such as an annual check-up, and dental and ophthalmologic camps.

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