No matter what happens
Positive I'll stay

Every failure makes me reflect
And I will turn it into a learning
I will embrace the learning and grow every day
And then with this learning I will move further and forward
And all the people will move forward with me

No matter what happens
Positive I'll stay

I believe that I can
And will make people believe that they can
I will then bring a change
Yes, a positive change
I will change those things that need to see change
What the world still needs, I'll fight hard to sustain
I will evolve everyday and with me will grow the world

No matter what happens
Positive I stay

I will stand for my belief and will make people rise
I will take charge and take the first step
I am the leader
And will lead the world towards a better future
No matter what happens
I stay positive in my thoughts, beliefs and in actions

Dear Parents

It is with great pleasure and much delighted anticipation that I welcome my beloved students into yet another year of learning and challenges, aspirations and inspirations.

This year I wanted to begin on not just a note, but a wave of optimism, for the future, and for these generations we're nurturing that belong to the future.

Thought precedes action and every positive action requires a positive thought to urge it into motion. It is only then that the action supersedes the thought.

This is the reason I find myself composing a hymn for our budding pioneers and trailblazers. A chant that reminds them again and again of our purpose for being and the attitude we must adopt to steer through. I wish and believe that they will embrace it as a mantra for life.

Thanks and regards
Vandana Arora

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