We ensure provision of foolproof security to all our staff and students without compromising on the school's belief and philosophy of 'openness' and 'guest relations'.
We have installed surveillance cameras in strategic positions such as:
(i) The main gate
(ii) Other entrances - rear, side and emergency
(iii) Administration Office
(iv) Main lobby

We have taken special care in appointing personnel in charge of maintaining security and have ensured that there is effective communication of responsibilities between those who are directly involved in maintaining security. We have secure systems in place:
(i) To screen the movement of people and property in and out of school.
(ii) To limit access to sensitive documents, information etc.

The entire school community will be well informed, well equipped and well trained to confront any unforeseen safety hazards such as:
(i) Accidents
(ii) Extreme weather conditions and pest management
(iii) Noxious gas leaks possibly leading to explosion
(iv) Bomb threats
(v) Epidemics

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