"What Parents & Students say about our School"

I want to thank each and every teacher who has been with me throughout my beautiful journey that I experienced in NIS. Looking back at 2017, it was indeed a great and a smooth year.

I accomplished many milestones with all of my teachers support and no doubt I'm thoroughly grateful. I look back and think how well I have been transformed . From a below average student to above average student, from a non-sports person to a sports person and many more.
I still remember how excited I was with my friends to go to Yercaud with all of my friends and I thank Nahar for giving me an opportunity to go for a 5 day trip with my friends for the first time without my family. And the best thing was the emotional support which was given to me by all teachers which I had not experienced in any school I have been to yet. The love and support Nahar and it's staff has given me is just priceless.
I want to thank each and every teacher who helped me achieve my goals and specially Praveen ma'am who made me realise my mistakes and helped me improvise on them. It was indeed unfortunate me leaving the school but I would definitely come back if I get another chance. Once again thank you Nahar and the teachers who helped me discover myself and made me a better person.
Ex-student of NIS

Nahar International School is truly a great place to study not just because I spend most of my week here; it's because when I'm here, I can be myself: imperfect, and learning

"Nahar International School is truly a great place to study not just because I spend most of my week here; it's because when Imm here, I can be myself: imperfect, and learning. I don't have to be scared in the slightest of asking 'stupid' questions or making silly mistakes, because I know that I'm surrounded by people who will accept me and help me learn from what I did wrong. In fact' it was here that I discovered my passion and - I dare say - talent for writing, which I am beyond grateful for. I was welcomed to this school with open arms, on my very first day here. And today I am who I am because of this tightly-knit community: I went from a shy, quiet girl to someone who is bold and confident. It is a place where I am comfortable, not just physically, but intellectually and emotionally. It is a place where I can get to know myself better. NIS is my extended family, and family means that - no one gets left out".
Salena Sinha (Grade 9)

I have been in Nahar for over three years and have grown fond of all that school has to offer. The entire school is clean and open, posing no disturbance to anyone coming in for the first time. Everyone, from the teachers to the security, is friendly and hospitable making you immediately feel right at home. All the teachers are enthusiastic about their profession and strive to teach the children the best they possibly can.

The school has many facilities, which once grown used to, become a necessity. This may include the 'Research lab' which contains all the textbooks and laptops for researching to 'Reading Corners' which prove to be a good place to relax and revise on topics taught in class.

Rules never feel restrictive and keeping an open mind is actively encouraged. There are many opportunities to try new things such as public speaking which I personally was not very fond of when I joined the school but grew used to as time went by. For me, the school creates an environment which makes it really easy to interact and grow accustomed to".
Rohan Kolamballath (Grade 11 - IBDP)

THIS IS MY SECOND HOME 'Home' is defined differently by everyone, some define it as a physical place, some as a place with family and where they grew up

For me a home is where I can be myself and be loved, home is where there are no boundaries and you get every chance to prove yourself and not be judged. Nahar International School has now become that home for me. I have learned something new every single day through the numerous and diverse opportunities offered to us. Being a part of the student council and becoming the editor/content curator for the school's maiden magazine are some of the opportunities that have added many skills to my skillsbase. NIS is my perfect second home, where I have a supporting family of students and faculty.
Amishi Verma (Grade 11 - IBDP)

Parents Say

We as parents can't thank You'll enough for identifying and highlighting the concerne in such a positive manner.

We appreciate your dedication towards this and in facilitating such an inspiring feedback. We strive to continue the same, hand in hand. Thank you teachers

Ritu & Abhishek

I truly appreciate the efforts taken by school to send us this weekly and monthly completion report . It gives much needed insights to support and nurture kids athome and work together with the school for kids overall development. Actually the concept of sending activity pictures along with brief explanation and reflection is wonderful

Though kids tell about activity done in school when they are back but Sometimes parents doesn't have any idea about the actual concept or purpose behind some activities like washing car or understanding Auto Rikshaw meter . Completion mail gives all parents new perspective to see these activities . Many thanks for sharing these reports regularly and we are privileged to be a part of the loving and nurturing Pathways family. With My grateful thanks and best wishes to you , principle madam and all teachers .

Dr. Pradnya N Arolkar,Devank Mom,EYFS 2 - A

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