At NIS we believe in the culture of innovation, creativity and collaboration. We envision technology as a crucial tool for learning and research that empowers students to think critically, thereby supporting our Mission statement to produce global citizens of the 21st century.


The entire school campus is Wi-Fi enabled to allow for easy access to information by students and staff.

SMART boards:

Our teachers will use various curriculum-specific technology tools and softwares. Emphasis is given to the thoughtful and careful approach in using technology for learning, and is applied in a way that reflects the importance of using technology in a balanced way.

For enhanced teacher productivity and improved student learning outcomes, every Grade classroom in NIS is equipped with interactive SMART boards, and laptops for teachers. Students have access to a wide variety of learning tools and audio-visual aids that supports their learning.

Mac Lab:

All computing devices and software provided in our state-of-the-art laboratory Mac Lab are the user-friendly iMacs from the renowned international brand Apple. The School will have two iMac labs: one each for the primary and secondary wings.

ICT Policy:

To work and thrive within a technology-rich school community, it is vital that all members of the community understand what it means to be a responsible digital citizen. It is also important that all members understand that this responsibility extends beyond the walls of the school and that disregarding this responsibility can have unintended consequences.

There is a clearly communicated school technology policy, to ensure that ICT facilities are used for educational purposes only by users (staff and students). This prevents misuse of ICT like cyber bullying, hacking, misuse of social media, and access to inappropriate web content.

Parent Portal (ERP):

The school has a user-friendly parent portal where parents can track the progress made by their child/children in class, check the latest homework and get the latest school news.

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